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Finding Your Voice

When you have been around the block a few times you really start to observe different traits of the people you meet. So many are so lost in their lives they cling onto anyone they feel has some kind of clout or celebrity status. Well here's a tip for you. If someone is blowing their own horn it usually means no one else is.

It kills me to see how easily these "Sheeple" are duped into following these phonies who usually are all same personality type (Classic Narcissism ). These are the flamboyant "know it alls" that take pleasure in manipulation and stirring the shit pot. They are also the ones who could care less about you and your well being. They are so self centered that once you no longer are beneficial to them ,off you go.They like to always be the center of attention and will go at you if you cross them for years.Usually on public media platforms and in a manner that is suited for a 10 year old.

I know no one likes to be on the receiving end of these hissy fits but understand that as long as it is allowed it will happen.You need to FIND YOUR VOICE and stand up to these bullies so they will not be allowed to intimidate anyone anymore.

Always remember no one has the ability to make you feel bad about yourself. The only one who can do that is you! We are all shining stars.....don't give these idiots the ability to dull your glow! Namaste!

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