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What Is Your Humbling Moment

Yesterday I went to go get my new vehicle. As I was waiting to sign papers I started chatting with the financial manager.Somehow we got on the subject of how people should try to be kinder to each other,charity etc.

I expressed how I felt charity should be an all year activity as opposed to just giving during the holidays. It was then that he proceeded to tell me about his humbling moment. I don't know exactly how old this gentleman was but I think he was pretty much well into his 60's.He told me that 4 years earlier he had an accident. Basically he fell a pretty good distance. He was rushed to the hospital and was diagnosed with many internal injuries.They also diagnosed him with lung cancer.Anyway he explained that he was expecting to die. The diagnosis was grave.

I don't know exactly what happened but he just explained that for some reason he was given a second chance. Not only did he heal from his injuries but his cancer disappeared without treatment.He knows he was blessed with a miracle.

Now he goes to church everyday and volunteers all year round at soup kitchens etc. This man had his humbling moment and recognized it

! Look around at all your blessings and let your humbling moment be today ! Namaste!

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