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Some Wise Words From The Past

As the New Year approaches I want to wish everyone Health,Wealth and Happiness this year.Make it a point to be kind to each other and be the best "You" you can be....Be strong,confident,kind,helpful,intelligent and Happy...Remember to always Laugh 'cause life just ain't that serious.....Bullshit is just that Bullshit...No one can take away your essence ,your unique print unless you allow them to. Keep negative things and people at arms length....Don't give a shit what these people think of you make sure they care what you think of them. Hold your head high,be intimidating....make them cross the street or piss their pants when they see you coming.Perfect your glance cause if looks could kill you'd be lying on the all the egotistical a**holes who try to make you feel worthless because they are lower than the dirt on your boots..Treat good people well. Help them change their lives for the better. Treat your friends well.Go that extra mile so they know you got their back....Don't jump on any hate trains..Judge everyone on your own terms even if you rock the apple cart.....Live true to yourself and you will live a good life! Awesomeness does not come from popularity,it comes from your star that shines from within you... Blessings and Happy New Year !!!!

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