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What's in store for 2017

Now that the dust has settled for the holidays and the New Year is here,I thought I would blog about what I have coming up for the year.First of all for those who have not heard yet,I am now on the network on a talk show called "Insights".I have partnered up with Cynthia Farina for this new show. We are covering all different topics. You can listen to our first few shows in archives.Just log into I Heart radio and navigate to our shows. You can also listen to us live every Thursday evening at 6 P.M. Just log into the network and look for Insights.

I also have a few other projects on board for this year. I am in the process of completing the booklet for a new oracle deck that will feature my artwork. This is something I have wanted to do for awhile. It is a way for me to get my work out there and to express some of the emotional content that went into the work. I have asked Cynthia Farina and Jessica Costello to give me their input on some of the work .

As of 2016 I have become Incorporated. This will allow me to pursue different events I have been thinking about for awhile.One of those things being a New Age/Psychic fair in the lower Westchester area. I have been making contacts and collecting information over the past year for this. Hopefully I will be making announcements towards the Spring and the end of the year.

Cynthia and I also plan on holding different workshops, Some classes will be in meditation,personal power,vision boards and more. We will be announcing those classes and posting information on how to be a part of it.

I am also hoping to have the website for the Faery and The Mermaid up shortly. Again this is a combo of items created by Cynthia Farina and I. You will be seeing us pop up at different events throughout the year.

There are a couple of more things in the works. This is just a small preview of things to come this year.I wish everyone a healthy,happy,prosperous 2017. Peace and Namaste!

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