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Chicago Torture Video/ Where is the Humanity?

Where does one even begin about this. Unless you live under a rock,I am sure you have seen /read the reports of how 4 eighteen year old animals captured and tortured a special needs young man for at least 24 hours. As they were torturing him they streamed it live on Facebook.I did not view the video because quite frankly I didn't want to. From what I have read they repeatedly kicked and punched the victim ,screaming out things like F**k Trump,F**k white people.The kicking and punching was the humane part of the torture.They also slashed at his clothes,burned him and scalped him.

I cannot even imagine the terror this poor young man must have felt. These are the same kind of animals that attack the elderly and kick puppies and babies. WTF IS GOING ON ? In one article I read someone commented "They are 18.Young adults make mistakes." Make mistakes? nah....These are the same people that grow up to rob,beat and murder people with no remorse. These 4 just happened to show their true colors a bit earlier. Being the mother of 2 young adults, this type of behavior was never even a thought in their heads.,,,and It wouldn't be a thought in most NORMAL 18 year old heads. By 18 you sure as hell know right from wrong, Mind you two of these animals were women.I pray to God they are both barren. These are the same psychos that will throw their baby's in scalding water. Maybe part of their sentence should be hysterectomies.

It's so hard to believe that there can be so much hatred in this world.On top of it doing this to a special needs person. That has to be one of the most cowardly things I have ever heard in my life. I am going to follow this case.I want to know what kind of justice will be served.Is this crime proved beyond a shadow of a doubt??? Well I'd say so since the idiots streamed it live. Let's let the punishment fit the crime ..shall we?

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