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Helping Out Those Less Fortunate

This morning I woke up to the snow falling and it immediately brought to mind all the homeless out there dealing with this cold.We have such a huge problem in America and it only continues to get worse.I realize not everyone is in a position to give what they would like to but as I stated before in previous blogs giving does not always have to be in a monetary way.

I saw an article on social media not that long ago and thought it was such a great idea.Please look through your things and see what you have that you can possibly pass to someone who needs it. Any hats ,scarves,gloves even warm socks you may not have worn or worn much.I don't believe people who have nothing will be picky. Grab a baggy and put those items in there. Put it in your car and during your travels this winter give that bag to someone who is in need.It's such a small gesture that can make a big difference. Remember even the smallest of pebbles can cause a big ripple.Peace and Namaste!

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