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Compassion and Addiction

It is so disheartening to see so much hate and judgment being made on social media.Sometimes I am really surprised at how intolerant people can be. There are so many shows on tv that address body issues,addictions,hoarding and more.When I watch these shows I often wonder what the circumstances were that lead many of these people to their problems.

Things are just not that black and white.Especially with the drug epidemic that is killing our young people. The reality is in most cases these kids were introduced to the world of painkillers through a doctor/psychiatrist. These are the real drug pushers. There is no opiate (vicodin,oxycontin)or benzodiazepine(Benzos like klonopin,xanax or valium) that is not addicting.Once it is prescribed it's pretty much a done deal by the time that bottle is empty.Now you're addicted and the pills cost 20,30 40 or more dollars on the street.Now what? Along comes Heroin.A great high at half the price. Similar to crack,the poor man's cocaine. Not in the high but in the price.I read somewhere that enough of these prescriptions are written in 1 year to supply every man,woman and child a bottle in the United States. Let that sink in for a minute.

Now let's address the kids that just start to use. Okay bad decision?absolutely.Now on the flip side... most of these kids are looking for a way to self medicate because of some kind of mental issue or chemical imbalance.Maybe we should look at how our society has changed over the last 30 years or so. High costs of living,2 parents forced to work,latch key kids. It really sucks..Never mind that somewhere along the way parents were stripped of their rights to discipline their own children. A lil slap on the butt never hurt anyone. ....and please don't start in with the people that abuse their kids cause guess what... they still are. I say it all the time.If you can't raise your own,don't have them. Even if you have to work, give them QUALITY time.Stop being a friend and be a parent.

Most of these drugs are prescribed for anxiety,depression and bi-polar tendencies very frequently. Many of those issues are linked back to our food additives,hormones and chemicals in our food.My heart actually breaks for this generation.They are more f**ked up than most realize.

So before you post something snarky about addicts or Narcan etc. know this, You may have a son,daughter,niece,nephew,cousin who is dealing with addiction you don't even know they have. They can function just like an alcoholic...which by the way is also a drug.Just because it's legal it doesn't mean it won't kill you.It's just a slower death.Let's try to have a little more compassion for anyone dealing with addiction....and acknowledge all the grieving families that have lost their loved ones. After all it can happen to you too! Compassion everyone..........

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