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The Process Of Healing

It was 3 1/2 months ago that I lost my best sister Dee. It was quick,unexpected and thankfully for her very peaceful.She died in her sleep. The shock of that phone call that evening still sits with me.It's a call no one ever wants to get.

I am no stranger to death having lost many loved ones on my lifetime. I lost both my parents before age 15,my nonna (who was like my mother) friends and other family members.I am not trying to be dramatic but this particular death is leaving me very confused and empty.It is a very odd feeling knowing you are the "last man standing" out of your nuclear family.It leaves you questioning.. "Why Me ?"Believe it or not that is the very question that I feel is helping me process.

I have a strong faith.If I am still here there is a reason for it. I really do believe I have work to do here.I have always believed we are here to help each other and in the end through this process of healing I know my sister is standing right beside me along with my other loved ones.....Namaste.

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