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Listening to Yourself-holistic practices Part 2

So,I walk out of the office,make another appointment and pick up the medication before I get home.I am one of those people who questions everything.I never sign without reading the fine print and will never take anything that has side effects such as bowel obstruction,swelling of the head and tongue or here's my favorite DEATH ! I get home and start reading the side effects of the med I was prescribed.Hmm.,dizziness,itchy skin,develop a cough.......ARE YOU F**KING SERIOUS RIGHT NOW!? Hey, I know high blood pressure is serious business but do I really want to deal with this shit? Looking over the rest of my lab work, shouldn't something else be at least a little off if I'm a walking time bomb? I immediately went back to the pharmacy and purchased a blood pressure monitor.

Okay cuff on and pump. All this was done still experiencing discomfort.My upper arm was bruised from the doctor visit but I still muddled through determined to see if my bp was truly that high.Well folks my first reading was SIGNIFICANTLY lower than what it was 2 hours prior.That was my first clue that what was stated at the office was not accurate. I continued to take my bp for a week straight without using the prescribed meds and it was significantly lower every time although still elevated.

What to do? Okay step one, cut out salt completely,watch any salt in labels(you'd be surprised). Step two.EDUCATE YOURSELF ! Spoke with my girlfriend Jess Costello. She is very knowledgable in healthy living and one hell of a good friend. She suggested organic apple cider vinegar. She even sent me a link to a drink. So I tried it. Not the easiest thing to get down so here I was lost and frustrated. That's when I reached out to an old friend.DR PATRICK FRATELLONE!

Dr.Patrick Fratellone. M.D.,RH,(AHG)FIM FACC.Internal medicine,Cardiology and Infectious diseases.I have run into Patrick over the years being friendly with his children and the family. So I decided to reach out. I told him briefly about my dilemma.He answered me immediately and suggested a product to naturally lower my bp. Now here's why I'm thrilled about this product.ITS ALL NATURAL AND IT WORKS! I would NOT have to be on a medication that I would probably have to take indefinitely. Not only that,I have heard many stories of people having strokes coming off of these meds.

Finally a doctor who is actually concerned in healing and not just throwing a band aid on an issue which gives you more problems in the long run.This man is my savior! He suggested a product called CitraNox . I have used this for over a week and already see a drop in my numbers.You cannot imagine how thankful I am to this man.Patrick's website is

Now here's where you get this awesome product along with an array of other wonderful ones. This company is owned by Gregory Fratellone (Patrick's son) who is professional,knowledgable and extremely helpful. I contacted Gregory and he had this product shipped out to me immediately.

So in conclusion people....PLEASE QUESTION EVERYTHING ESPECIALLY MEDICAL ISSUES! This is what doctors are supposed to do. Listen,explain and help you to heal.Ask Questions.Love Youself ! Namaste.......

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