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Where Has Our Humanity Gone?

I try to avoid the news. I know many think that is a horrible way to live your life(with blinders on). It's just that I have gotten so disheartened with so many things that occur in this fragile world of ours.Every time I do catch the news I just want to cry.

I am still reeling over the death of that poor 15 year old in the Bronx,N.Y. I cannot even imagine what his family and friends must have felt while watching that video.What an intrusion that the whole world saw this child being dragged from the bodega as the store owner looked on.Dragged to his death. I can only imagine what was going on in his head.

This is just one of many of the horrendous stories you hear daily.What is going on people? What happened to the days of actually giving a shit about your fellow man? We see these stories ,we may post about it,rant or rave but in the end what are we really doing about it?Until we all start being active in standing up for each other nothing will change.I fear this world is spiraling out of control.

So the next time you see a fellow man in danger or in need of some kind of assistance.please stop and try to help.It may change your whole life.It will certainly change your perspective on some things. Namaste!

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