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Reading Lab Tests.How accurate are they?

As you may have noticed I am on a medical rant lately. This is due to being so frustrated with conventional thinking in much of the medical field.One of the things that prompted me to go for a physical is my weight. I have always struggled with weight issues.So now here I am , post menopause ,overweight and uncomfortable.

I'm going to let you in on a secret. Many overweight people do not eat a lot. Unfortunately I am one of the lucky ones. The doctor asked me what I ate on an average day.I told her what I usually ate. I eat veggies and fruit. I try to limit red meat and salt. I drink protein shakes and try to walk as much as my sciatica allows me to.All in all I really try to take care of myself and fuel my body as opposed to feeding it.

I expressed all these issues to the doctor as it was written down. I was asked what else I ate. I said that's it.I was honest . Some days I don't even consume 1000 calories.When I was done,I was told that there is a nutritional dept. affiliated with my coverage.I walked out of the office with referrals in hand.

I was told that my thyroid was fine so it wasn't that type of issue which I swore was the problem.So frustrated I looked at the referral and it stated.Reason for Referral:Obesity due to excessive intake of calories.Wait,What? As you can imagine this statement told me that the doctor didn't listen to one word I said.I really don't need a nutritionist to school me on food,calories and intake. I probably know more about this then they do.Most of us fatties do.Needless to say back to square one. Frustrated and disappointed.

I went onto facebook and saw an article a friend of mine had posted. It was about a woman who kept going to doctors saying something was wrong only to be told she was fine. P.S. they ended up removing a 50 pound tumor from her body.50 POUNDS! That,s the weight of a hefty toddler. With this I commented on the article and expressed my own frustrations with my weight. The woman who posted the article (Lorren Morris) commented back on what I said. She told me about a website and explained that what is supposedly in normal ranges for a thyroid really isn't. She enlightened me to the word Hashimotos.After reading her comment I went back to check my levels.Bingo! Yes my THS was elevated.Not by much but elevated just the same. So I started reading feverently about this syndrome and adjusted my diet accordingly.

Within a few days...bloating gone,weight dropping ,sleep better and energy up.I'm guessing I have Hashimotos.Which from what I'm reading goes undiagnosed in many people.So in conclusion I would like to urge everyone to educate themselves about their systems and never take no for an answer when you don't feel right. A great big hug and Thank You to Loren Morris for responding.If you didn't I may have never known! Namaste!

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