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Do Our Fur Babies Reincarnate ? Part 1

Paris- April 4,2004- March 15, 2018

In one of the chapters of my book ,"Their Whispers Tell A Story" I write about our beloved chihuahua Paris and the circumstances as to how she came to me.I really believe that a higher power hands us what we need at specific times.We may feel otherwise but in the long run as my good friend Cynthia always says,"Everything in it's Perfect Time".

I remember when Paris came to me. It was at a time that my spirit was so crushed I was spiraling into a depression.That beautiful little puppy changed my whole emotional being into looking at the positive things in my life which in turn was received by the Universe which in turn changed my life for the better. Positive thoughts,positive results. It really exists.

Fast forward 13 years to my poor Paris going blind and senile. I would get up every day and watch her just circle and circle until her paws would bleed. She no longer had a quality of life. I watched her decline for about six months than made the decision every animal owner dreads. It was time to let her go. It broke my heart and the dreaded date was March 15,2018. Which unfortunately is 2 days before my birthday. Of course I didn't want to associate her death with my birthday but I also had to be humane enough to stop her suffering.

Life without my Paris isn't easy. She had these adorably quirky little things she would do that made her so special to the whole family.She truly was one in a million. How lucky we were to have her come into our lives.I swore I would never do it again. I can't deal with letting them go.

Fast forward again to June of 2018. Once again my friend Donna comes by with a puppy who just arrived from the Dominican Republic. I was told she was chihuahua.Her ears were pierced (animal cruelty if you ask me) and she was found wandering the streets.This puppy is literally about 3 pounds and can fit in a pocket of your jacket.I was asked to foster her for a couple of days so she would calm down after having her terrifying experience. Check tomorrow for part 2.

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